Create a life that feels good on the inside. Live simply but significantly and wake up to the grandness of nature – its beauty will have a profound effect on your wellbeing. Savour the majesty of the Brokenback Mountains that dapple the horizon, and splendour in the rolling green hills of the Hunter Valley. A good, grand life commands quality, simplicity, beauty, time and space, and you’ll find it all here at Mount View Grange.

You are worthy of a grand life.


Live simply with freedom and clarity, and build more meaning into every moment.

Choose more sustainable, natural living in harmony with nature. Life at Mount View Grange is about getting back to what matters to you. To make it effortless, we’ve collaborated with leading builders to develop tailor-made house and land packages, or you can pick your own builder to create a unique lifelong home.


Instil life-long values and inspire resilience and connection.

It’s rural community life away from the hustle and bustle, but close enough for the comfort of friends and neighbours. Raise your family in a healthy, safe environment surrounded by nature and watch them flourish.


Live wholesomely and nourish your spirit.

The Hunter Region is filled with quiet corners and vast spaces to unwind where every sense is heightened. It’s the feel the earth under your feet, the sound of birds, insects and wind in the trees, the smell of newly cut grass and rolling paddocks nearby, and the taste of freshly brewed tea, fruit and veggies.


It’s time to live the good, grand life.

Build a home that you can be proud of in a place that serves your soul. Define life on your terms, fortify your family and realise your dream life at Mount View Grange.